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acStream v.1 (03.03.2002) - 10 Kb
   The acStream library provides the basis for implementing stream based persistent objects independent of the Delphi component streaming facilities.
Author: Alan Ciemian
AntUnit v.? (03.03.2002) - 39 Kb
   Currency, bitmap, date, time, dilogs, forms, file, gif, math, pcx, edit, string, wav routines.
Author: Karpolan
Bitwise v.? (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   Bit-wise manipulation unit.
BMSearch v.? (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   Boyer-Moore search algorithm.
BSUtils v.2.1 (03.03.2002) - 8 Kb
   Collection of String / System / Math utility classes.
Author: Eddie Bond
BTFileFinder v.0.01 (03.03.2002) - 14 Kb
   The TBTFileFinder class is a direct TOBject descendant and it is a file finder. Using this class its easy to build a dialog like the Windows FindFiles dialog but its actual virtue is that it returns the searching results as a string list
Author: Theodoros Bebekis
cplx v.? (01.01.1970) - 1 Kb
   Routines for complex numbers.
Creditc v.1.1 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   Credit Card Number Validator Unit.
Author: Shawn Wilson Harvell
cStrings v.0.07 (03.03.2002) - 10 Kb
   A collection of string functions.
Author: David Butler
Dates v.? (03.03.2002) - 175 Kb
   This is a new module that will let you perform arithmetic with dates (difference).
Author: Alexis Rios
DlgMLang v.? (03.03.2002) - 4 Kb
   This unit will change delphi standard resource string (on runtime) with your own string so it can shows delphi standard message dialog and button in your own language. Just edit const1.pas with your own language.
Author: Bambang Soeryo
ESBDates v.2.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 326 Kb
   Date/Time Routine Collection.
Author: Glenn Crouch
ESBMaths v.3.0 (03.03.2002) - 74 Kb
   The aim of this code is to provide miscellaneous Mathematical and Statistical Routines both for Integers and Floating Point Values. Include over 130 routine
Author: Glenn Crouch
ESBRoutines Collection v.1.6.1 (03.03.2002) - 41 Kb
   Supplement SysUtils with this useful collection of routines. Includes Bit Manipulation, Block Operations, String Manipulation and Conversion.
Author: Glenn Crouch
FileIcon v.1.02 (03.03.2002) - 4 Kb
   A unit that allows you to manipulate icons. Needs Iconctls from Brad Stowers (
Author: Patrick Brisacier, Jean-Fabien Connault
Geometry v.2.5 (03.03.2002) - 13 Kb
   This unit contains many needed types, functions and procedures for quaternion, vector and matrix arithmetics. It is specifically designed for geometric calculations within R3 (affine vector space) and R4 (homogeneous vector space).
Author: Mike Lischke
Gif2Bmp v.1.1 (03.03.2002) - 8 Kb
   Gif to Bmp a free gif to Bmp conversion routine.
Author: Richard Dominelli
Graph64 v.0.32409 (03.03.2002) - 59 Kb
   Component for graphics/effects like: alpha blending, blur, lens, transparency for 15/16 bit pixels with maximum speed(asm). Supported: GUI, DirectX 6, Dos, DelphiX, and all raw bitmaps.
Author: Pavol Stugel
GraphicEx v.8.7 (03.03.2002) - 915 Kb
   This unit is an extension of Graphics.pas, in order to import other graphic files than those Delphi allows. For non-commercial use.
Currently supported image file types are:
TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff) [uncompressed, LZW compressed]
GFI fax (*.fax),
SGI (*.bw, *.rgb, *.rgba, *.sgi)
Autodesk CEL (*.cel, *.pic)
Truevision (*.tga; *.vst; *.icb; *.vda; *.win)
ZSoft Paintbrush (*.pcx, *.pcc)
Word 5.x screen capture files (*.scr)
Kodak Photo-CD (*.pcd)
Portable pixel/gray map (*.ppm, *.pgm, *.pbm)
Dr. Halo (*.cut, *.pal)
CompuServe (*.gif)
SGI Wavefront (*.rla, *.rpf)
Standard Windows (*.bmp, *.rle, *.dib)
Photoshop (*.psd, *.pdd)
Paintshop Pro (*.psp)
Portable network graphic (*.png)
Author: Mike Lischke
HashTrie v.? (03.03.2002) - 101 Kb
   Delphi implementation of HashTrie dynamic hashing method.
Author: Andre N Belokon
HexStr v.? (01.01.1970) - 1 Kb
   Routines fo Hex and ASCII.
HTML Help Workshop API v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 6 Kb
   Translated API from the HTMLHELP.H file supplied with the HTML Help Workshop.
Author: Lloyd Kinsella Software
HTMLParser v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 7 Kb
   Classes defined in this unit allow you to parse (and update!) any HTML data.
Author: Przemyslaw Jankowski
IniClass v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 20 Kb
   Class for saving the project's options in the registry or .ini file.
Author: Serge Gusev
IniPlus v.1.12 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   An extension to the standard TIniFile class:
- Adds ReadColor/WriteColor, ReadFont/WriteFont methods.
- Adds ReadFloat/WriteFloat to C++Builder 1 and Delphi 2/3
(via conditional compilation).
- Retrieves and restores a window (or control's) size/position with
ReadWinPos, WriteWinPos at runtime.
Author: Arash Ramin
ISAAC v.1.0.0 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   Class for high-quality pseudo-random number generator.
Author: Sebastien Sauvage
ItemProp v.3.12 (03.03.2002) - 15 Kb
   A unit to provide access to a file's context menu, properties dialog, and default action.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
Joy v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 13 Kb
   Handles the Joystick.
Author: Ralf Steinhäußer
kbmMemTable v.2.33 (03.03.2002) - 115 Kb
   An inmemory temporary table.
Author: Kim Bo Madsen
L0 v.? (03.03.2002) - 59 Kb
   The package consists of a collection of units, each covering functions for a
fundemental data type (Strings, Numbers, Date/Times and Streams).
Author: David Butler
Mapfiles v.1.12 (03.03.2002) - 15 Kb
   This unit contain TMapStream, TTextMap and TRecordMap.
Author: Deborah Pate
Matrix Made Easy v.0.2b (03.03.2002) - 27 Kb
   Complex matrix class and function of complex variable.
Author: Andrew N. Tuseyev
mTSearch v.2.0 (03.03.2002) - 6 Kb
   A very fast search engine.
Author: Martin Waldenburg
mwOTA v.1.3 beta (03.03.2002) - 36 Kb
   Wrapper around the ToolServices of Delphi 4.You can it use only within a wizard.You need not to create an instance to use it.
Author: Martin Waldenburg
mwPasTokenList v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 8 Kb
   Specialized version of the turbo search engine.
Author: Martin Waldenburg
Perfect Classes RC v.? (03.03.2002) - 55 Kb
   Classes to work with lists, fields, queue. MD5 hashing class.
Author: Eli Yukelzon
pUtils v.? (03.03.2002) - 60 Kb
   This unit including some useful function and procedure. Example: Days (a month days); WorkDays; DateToLongStr (with month names); some MessageDLG clone; InputPlus (enabled SpinEdit , Password and any bitmap); GaugeShow; GaugeNext; GaugeClose; extended registry support with variant type: RegWrite, RegRead functions; GetFreeRes (like the WIN95 resoulce monitor); Memo line support (GetX, GetY, SetX,
SetY ...); GetWaveVolume; SetWaveVolume, etc... Utility including a select label component.
Author: Peter Szarvas
QStrings v.6.01.412 (03.03.2002) - 150 Kb
   Quick string manipulation library.
Author: Andrew N. Driazgov
QuickRTTI v.? (03.03.2002) - 6 Kb
   Quick RTTI gives you simple string based access to RTTI data in any RTTI capable component. WIth the addition of my lowx and strutils you can also read and write basic XML structures based off of your component.
Author: Michael Johnson
RegExpr v.0.938 (03.03.2002) - 185 Kb
   TRegExpr is a powerfull tool for template-based checking of user input string fields (DBMS, web-based applications, etc), text search/substitution, egrep like utils and so on.
You can easily check e-mail adress syntax, extract phone number or ZIP-code from unformatted text or any necessary information from web-pages and all you can imagine! Rules (templates) can be changed without program recompilation !
Author: Andrey V. Sorokin
RegistryIniPlus v.1.12 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   An extension to the standard TRegistryIniFile class:
- Adds ReadColor/WriteColor, ReadFont/WriteFont methods.
- Adds ReadFloat/WriteFloat to C++Builder 1 and Delphi 2/3
(via conditional compilation).
- Retrieves and restores a window (or control's) size/position with
ReadWinPos, WriteWinPos at runtime.
Author: Arash Ramin
rsBitArray v.1.00 (03.03.2002) - 12 Kb
   The TrsBitArray object implements an array of bits in the most memory-
efficient way possible. The maximum number of bits that can be allocated
at one time is 524,224 (65,524 bytes). TrsBitArray allows you to set,
clear or flip any or all of the bits.
Author: Rimrock Software
StrCon v.1.6 (03.03.2002) - 84 Kb
   This unit contains a TStringCollection class with a large collection of string functions.
Author: Eric Grobler
StreamFile v.? (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   Unix Stream File Interface.
Author: John Miano Software
Streams & Containers v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 29 Kb
   Implement and extend BP7.0 style collections and streams.
Author: White Ants systemhouse BV
Subst9x v.30.9.2000 (03.03.2002) - 2 Kb
   API for work with substitution device (see dos command "subst". Win9x ONLY.
Author: SoftLab
Synapse v.? (03.03.2002) - 118 Kb
   The synchronyous socket library. SYNAPSE library aims to create complete library of classes and functions that would markedly simplify application programming of network communication using Winsock.
Author: LukᚠGebauer
TrimStr v.2.0 (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   Routines for removing leading/trailing spaces from strings, and to take parts of left/right of string (a la Basic).
Author: Bob Swart
Unicode v.2.0 beta (03.03.2002) - 66 Kb
   This unit contains routines and classes to manage and work with Unicode/WideStrings strings.
Author: Mike Lischke
Vectors library v.? (03.03.2002) - 188 Kb
   This component is intended for interception of pressing the keyboard. The KeySpy is possible to apply for interception of the typed text of the another's programs, as keyboard spy, or for processing events at type certain keywords etc.
Author: Alexey A.Chernobaev
Win95 v.? (03.03.2002) - 2 Kb
   For copying, moving and erasing files and folders like Windows 95
Author: Rafael Ribas Aguiló
xProcs v.? (03.03.2002) - 82 Kb
   If offer over 150 functions in the areas or string, datetime, file, system, registry, bits, integer, floatingpoint, ...
Author: Stefan Böther

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