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ARMenuToolBar v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 34 Kb
   This is a Toolbar Similar Component that shows an Listview with all menu items
Author: Albert Research
BmToolbar v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 158 Kb
   Toolbar component. You have to do is only create buttons in your application, then user can customize his toolbar with drag'n'drop. The user can select small or big buttons, display caption or not.
Author: Bourmad Mehdi
dfsToolBar v.1.11 (03.03.2002) - 17 Kb
   A descendant of the TToolBar component (D3, C3, & D4) that adds a "maximize - restore" button. This mimics the behavior of the toolbar in Netscape Communicator. Clicking the button makes the toolbar small, hiding its controls. Clicking again returns it to normal.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
FileToolbar v.2000/1 (03.03.2002) - 222 Kb
   TFileToolbar enables the common TToolbar97 to save and restore its buttons and Separators (currently TToolbarButton97 und TToolbarSep97 are supported) to a Ini file or the registry. Very useful, if you want the user of your program to customize the toolbars and restore this at startup.
Author: Peter Hellinger Software
FineComponents v.0.01 (03.03.2002) - 42 Kb
   Include TFinePanel - it's something like TTollBar but with many new features (MacOS, Graph64, IE or Netscape style).
Author: Pavol Stugel
FloatingToolBar v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 7 Kb
   Floating Tool-Bar.
Author: Craig Ward
MenuBar v.? (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   Implements a TToolbar descendant that has a Menu property to make creating IDE like Toolbar menus very easy.
Author: Steven Trefethen
Toolbar97 v.1.53 (03.03.2002) - 209 Kb
   Toolbar97 is a free dockable toolbar component that features the Office 97 look and behavior.
Author: Jordan Russell
USAppBar v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 11 Kb
   This is a implementation of a desktop application toolbar, like the MSOffice toolbar or the Windows 95 taskbar.
Author: Ulf Steinberg
XToolBar v.2.73 (03.03.2002) - 41 Kb
-There can be multiple groups of buttons on each toolbar.
-There can be multiple toolbars on each form.
-There can be multiple toolbars in the same dockarea.
-Toolbars to be docked to the top, left, right or bottom of the form.
-They can also be dragged off a docking area and become free floating toolbars.
-Floating toolbars are not restricted to the frame area.
-Floating toolbars can be resized by the user.
-Double clicking on a toolbar toggles its state between floating and docked.
-Leave focus on the toolbar owner window.
-Toolbars and controls can be created at runtime.
-Just like Microsoft's. Well almost. (IMHO It's even better!)
-Auto align any child control when sized.
-Just drag and drop (almost) any Delphi component onto XToolBar.
-No code to write to enable any of XToolBar's standard functions or abilities.
-Allows toggling visible on controls on the toolbar.
-Any kind of controls can be used on the toolbar.
-Changing their visible property is supported.
-Position of the toolbar can be saved to the registry (customisable key)
-You can customize the position of dockareas
i.e. : The left one can be placed between two left aligned controls.
-Two child controls can work together : one is shown when the bar is docked vertical and it can have a different height, the other when floating or horizontal
(Yes, I admit : you'll have to write one code line to enable that)
-Cool 3D look (Exactly like M$ Word 7.0).
Author: Jean-Philippe Bernardy

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