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ALProgressBar v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 4 Kb
   TALProgressBar is an enhanced progress bar control. It allows you to tile a bitmap on the bar, add various color blending effects and change the progress direction.
Author: Andrew Leigh
CoolGauge v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 24 Kb
   Gauge Enhancement with gradient color support and changeable caption on the gauge.
Author: James Azarja
ExtProgressBar v.2.02 (03.03.2002) - 11 Kb
   A progress bar control that enables access to the new style types and large range values provided by the updated progress bar control.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
GProgress v.1.01 (03.03.2002) - 11 Kb
   This component is an evolution of original ProgressBar from Win95. You can now change colors of background, frame and the progress bar and the best of all bar can look very cool with it's gradient colors.
Author: Igor Popik
HKProgressBar v.1.5 (03.03.2002) - 182 Kb
   HKProgressbar is a completely different approach to long loops that you might do sometime. You set up the component and it starts your process in a different thread, so you can continue using your program if wanted. If you want, a progress bar is shown, optionally with a cancel button. This way you can implement with very little code secondary threads, that can handle a cancel from the user. Can adopt to every situation. You don't have to worry about opening and closing the progress form.
Author: Harry Kakoulidis
IAeverLiquidIndicator v.? (03.03.2002) - 15 Kb
   This is The Universal Indicator looks as such on liquid crystal.
Author: Andronovin
Mark's Progress Meter v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   It is an ideal alternative to other progress meters when the total duration of an operation is unknown. A diagonally striped bar progresses under the control of a timer or by the calling of the Nudge method. The meter doesn't give any indication of duration just activity.
Author: Mark Harwood
MotoMetr v.2.0 (03.03.2002) - 170 Kb
   TMotoMetr simulates the revolution counter of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Dashboard.
Author: Bernhard Bauer
Progress v.? (03.03.2002) - 103 Kb
   TProgress - A TGauge that gradients (transforms one color to another).
Author: Carmi Grushko
ProgressBar3D v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 8 Kb
   TProgressBar is a enhanced gauge control. It has many features the standard TGauge control that comes with Delphi lacks. Such features include multiple 3D border styles, multiple text formats for the completion display, text inside the gauge can be colors other than white (which TGauge did not allow) and much more...
Author: Steven Martins
Progressor v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 18 Kb
   These classes let you detach low level progress status and change notifications from the GUI. Note that this is NOT a visual component such as TGauge, but rather an GUI detached interface for starting, running, aborting and finishing lengthy operations.
Author: White Ants systemhouse BV

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