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AMHLbl10 v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   AMHFlashLabel and AMHSensitiveLabel are two visual components written in and for Borland Delphi 16bit and 32bit. The extended properties are on the one hand flashing and on the other hand being sensitive for mouse action.
Author: Adrian M. Hanslik
APNetscapeLabel v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 27 Kb
   TAPNetscapeLabel is a complete workaround of the original
component (TAPHeadLabel) for Delphi 5.x with some fixes and
improvements. This component looks like the Preferences-Dialog
Labels in Netscape Communicator (that's why my component's name
sounds like that!)...
Author: Marc Hoffmann
ClockLabel v.0.01 (03.03.2002) - 4 Kb
   Label with clock.
Author: keboy
DrLabel v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 4 Kb
   It shows a 3D label with several effects. This label can appear blinking, alternating colors, having border, it can be Raised or Lowered...
Author: Alvaro L. S. Almeida
FileLabel v.1.01 (03.03.2002) - 5 Kb
   Display a filename with path and drive letter on a label without cutting the filename. If the width of the label is too small TFileLabel hide some directories and replace them by '...'.
Author: Patrick Brisacier
fshVersionLabel v.1.10 (03.03.2002) - 6 Kb
   A TCustomLabel derivative that displays Win32 VersionInfo data.
Author: First Internet Software House
GradText v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 9 Kb
   TGradText is a poor man's way of creating gradient filled text.
Author: Harm
Klabel2 v.2.0 (03.03.2002) - 25 Kb
   This is a 3D text componentr. Whit this component you may put in your aplications a new style of write. Whit Recessed, Raised and Shadowed options
Author: Karlos Jorge Pinto
Labels v.? (03.03.2002) - 25 Kb
   Enhanced TLabel control. Active at runtime, with 3d styled view support. And "HighLight" support.
Author: Karpolan
Link Label v.? (03.03.2002) - 5 Kb
   This component was desgined to ease the creation of "link" - type labels
in a application.
Author: Regardt Kruger
LinkLabel v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 22 Kb
   Label that allow you insert any hyperlink and jump to it when user clicks this label. This component allow you to insert caption different form its hyperlink.
Author: James Azarja
RUrlLabel v.? (03.03.2002) - 5 Kb
   Allow to insert in form links in WEB style (HttP, Ftp, Mail). Just put your url (without HTTP or others) in caption. When you click on it , this component automaticaly add type of URL before execute it.
Author: Ray Adams
SystemInfo v.? (03.03.2002) - 10 Kb
   A label that shows something about the current system.
Author: S. Armstrong
TextFader v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 5 Kb
   If you would like to display multiple lines of text on a form and the form does not have enough space for placing whole of the text, TTextFader is the best choice. TTextFader displays a multiple line text line by line by fading the new line on the previous line. In addition, TTextFader can display an image as background by tiling, stretching, or centering the background image on its client.
Author: Kambiz R. Khojasteh
URLLabel v.1.0.0 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   TURLLabel is a component that will fire up the URL set in the URL property when it is clicked on.
Author: Jan Goyvaerts
URLLabel v.1.1 (03.03.2002) - 7 Kb
   A clickable URL- or mail-Label.
Author: Mats Asplund

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