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AboutDlg v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 8 Kb
   Display information about product and use several Win32 API to detect CPU type, Memory status etc.
Author: Kuan-Da Chen
ACF v.? (03.03.2002) - 15 Kb
   Two handy components - panels with additional abilities:
TantMovablePanel - panel with abilities to move on the form. Pretty looked if programmer put on this panel the application settings and make the popup effect.
TantDatePanel - Panel for input-output of the date values.
Author: Karpolan
AMHCal10 v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 7 Kb
   AMHExtMonthCal and AMHExtDBMonthCal are two visual components written in and for Borland Delphi 16bit and 32bit. The extended properties are: FColorDefault, FColorHeader, FColorSundays, FColorToday; FFontDefault, FFontHeader, FFontSundays, FFontToday;
Author: Adrian M. Hanslik
AppBar v.1.4 (03.03.2002) - 65 Kb
   The TAppBar class is a TForm derived class, that lets your form to behave like an Application Desktop Toolbar (i.e. to dock on the edges of the screen like the Windows 95/NT Taskbar).
Author: Paolo Giacomuzzi
BiDiDBNavigator v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 2 Kb
   This component is a descendent of standard TDBNavigator of Delphi. Adds some properties to this component for bi-directional support and custom glyphs.
Author: Kambiz R. Khojasteh
CalenPnl v.? (03.03.2002) - 11 Kb
   A Panel with calendar.
Author: Peter Crain
ComCtrls95 v.2.94 (03.03.2002) - 27 Kb
   Components TPage95Control, TTab95Control, TTab95Sheet.
Author: Ryan J. Mills
CoolDBDialogs v.1.01 (03.03.2002) - 58 Kb
   CoolDBDialogs is set of dialogs to work with the databases. You can set and
select BDE aliases and tables using these dialogs.
The dialogs included to the package: TCoolDBPickAlias, TCoolDBPickTable, TCoolDBPickMultipleTables, TCoolDBPickAliasAndTable, TCoolDBPickAliasAndMultipleTables.
Author: CoolDev.Com
CShape v.? (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   TCShape component is a descendant of tShape. New property, ChangeColor, is used to change the default fill color of white. Values for the property ChangeColor are chosen from tColor.
Author: Frank DeBlanc
DBXNavigator v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 21 Kb
   TDBXNavigator is an decandant of TDBNavigator with 4 new buttons:
1. Rewind (jump back)
2. Fast Forward (jump forward)
3. Bookmark (set a bookmark on a record)
4. Goto (goto bookmark).
DCCalendar v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 40 Kb
   Extended calendar.
Author: Dream Company
Delphi Visual Shapes v.1.5 (03.03.2002) - 6 Kb
   This unit contains 14 different shape components. Some of them can already be displayed using Delphi's standard TShape component.
Author: DithoSoft Software Solutions
dfsBrowseDirectoryDlg v.2.60 (03.03.2002) - 50 Kb
   This component displays a standard Windows 95/NT 4 dialog containing the user's system in a heirarchial manner and allows a selection to be made. It is a wrapper for the SHBrowseForFolder() API, which is quite messy to use directly. Also provided is an editor which allows you to display the dialog at design time with the selected options.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
dfsEllipsisPanel v.1.15 (03.03.2002) - 16 Kb
   A panel that can shorten the caption text, replacing it with '...' when it does not fit the available space.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
dfsGradientForm v.2.01 (03.03.2002) - 50 Kb
   A form that paints it's caption bar in a gradient pattern, like the new Microsoft Office applications. It starts with black and moves gradually to the system defined color.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
DSAMsg v.2.13 (03.03.2002) - 75 Kb
   This unit provides "Don't Show Again" dialog and form services.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
DsGroupBox v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 7 Kb
   The DsGroupBox is an enhanced GroupBox component which now sports
an optional drop shadow, and enhanced caption. New property: GroupType (drop-shadow, plain, Raised3D, Raised3DShadow), EnhancedCaption, ShadowColor, XOffSet a YOffSet.
Author: N.Hollinworth
ElasticPanel v.? (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   An elastic panel that resizes all child controls placed on it.
ExPageControl v.1.00 (03.03.2002) - 7 Kb
   Extended PageControl. The most useful functions are the button style, the owner draw style and the ability to add glyphs onto each tab.
Author: Grahame Marsh
ExtComDlg v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 183 Kb
   TEOpenDialog and TESaveDialog include a new property AutoExtention.
Author: Bob Daneshfar
FoldPanel v.1.1 (03.03.2002) - 184 Kb
   This is a Folding Panel Component, it has a button which you can click to expand or collapse the panel you can assign a bitmap on the panels background.
Author: Erol S. Uzuner
Form3D v.? (03.03.2002) - 4 Kb
   The TForm3D class allows non-dialog forms to sport the 3-D Dialog border.
It also allows form resizing to be turned on/off easily with a run-time property. MDI forms(Frame and Child) are not currently supported.
Author: Alan Ciemian
FormEx v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 36 Kb
   This component give you several ability to control form likes : File Drag and Drop Control, Resize Control, Movement Control (stay on screen, form save), Scrolling Caption, Caption Control (show/hide), Appearance Control (form background, stay on top, show on taskbar, show on tray icon, full screen mode, transparency). Form's System Menu Control (add your own menu).
Author: James Azarja
FormWizard v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 177 Kb
   This component for change for your form.
Author: Izzet Uslu
fshEnabGrp v.1.03 (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   GroupBox derivative that recursivly enables/disables all children as well.
Author: First Internet Software House
GmPreview v.1.3 (03.03.2002) - 465 Kb
   It's a VCL component that encapsulates the Printer object and gives an interactive Print Preview exposing many useful and powerful functions to the developer.
Author: Graham Murt
GradientForm v.1.93 (03.03.2002) - 48 Kb
   A form that paints it's caption bar in a gradient pattern, like the new Microsoft Office applications. It starts with black and moves gradually to the system defined color.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
janShape v.4 (03.03.2002) - 39 Kb
   TjanShape is a TGraphicControl descendant featuring: 75 ShapeStyles, 26 GradientStyles, Rotated Caption, interactive Object move/size and Text move/rotate, unlimited user vector shapes via TjanShapeController.
Author: Jan Verhoeven
JPanelTexture v.1.32 (03.03.2002) - 85 Kb
   Component TJPanelTexture is deduced from component TPanel. Component edits some properties of original object and adds new properties. By means of this component you'll reach what you have to complicatedly create from many other components.
Author: JAPOS
MagneticForm v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 5 Kb
   Makes a form "magnetic" to the screen border and enables (proportional) resizing and moving on borderless forms
Author: Dennis Spreen
mathPanel v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 6 Kb
   A Tpanel descendant with mathematical functions plotting capabilities.
Author: Mirko Patrizi
MCenterForm v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   This component ensures you that the form will be centered on the screen even if user resizes it. It also allows you to disable form resizing.
Author: Milan R. Zavisic
MJWstar v.1.00 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   Panel component with moving stars as a background.
Author: Michael Wilcox
MultiShape v.1.00 (03.03.2002) - 9 Kb
   TMultiShape is a simple but powerful VCL component which allows you to
create many graphic effects on your forms. It creates a texture by repeating a basic shape on the component area and since it acts as a transparent layer you can use many instances of multishape to get more complex effects.
Author: Enrico Lodolo
NKImageForm v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 7 Kb
   This is an image component with additional functionality: when placed on a form, it can change it's appeareance. The form will look the same as the image, with a selected color (or a range of colors) appearing as transparent. It also provides a possibility to move the form by clicking on the image and dragging, since the title bar of the form is lost.
Author: Nenad Konstantinovic
Orbital Decisions Calendar Component v.2.9 (03.03.2002) - 69 Kb
   When using date functions in programs it often takes up to 11 or more mouse clicks to select a from date and to date for a report. Therefore write a component that allows the following:
- left mouse click for start date
- right mouse click for end date
- selection of a week by clicking on the week number (left click and then right click on week number or left click on one week number and right click on another week number)
- selection of a month by clicking on the month name
- selection of a year by clicking on the year number
- allow weeks to start on a Sunday or on a Monday
- allow the selection of the to date before the from date
- allow the same calendar component to be used to select a single date
Author: David Lipschitz, Justin Turberville
Outlook v.? (03.03.2002) - 13 Kb
   TOutlook is a component which provides Outlook style navigation bar on your forms.
Author: M. Ali Caliskan
PageControles v.2.01 (03.03.2002) - 25 Kb
   Enhanced PageControl with GradientTabs, Colored Tabs, TabSheets with Bitmap Background.
Author: Erol S. Uzuner
PageSetupDialog v.2.07 (03.03.2002) - 21 Kb
   A component to wrap the Win95 PageSetupDlg common dialog API function.
Author: Bradley D. Stowers
PBFolderDialog v. (03.03.2002) - 23 Kb
   PBFolderDialog is SHBrowseForFolder dialog with capability of creating new folders when browsing for a folder. It can show path above the window.
The 'New folder'-button caption and a 'Label'-caption (shown above the path) are automatic localized (national language) detected every time the application runs.
Author: Poul Bak
PBPrinterSetupDialog v. (03.03.2002) - 30 Kb
   TPBPrinterSetupDialog is a TPrinterSetupDialog component with capability of getting/setting printersetup-values (orientation, papersize etc) at designtime and runtime. Settings can be saved so users don't have to setup the printer every time they run your program.
Author: Poul Bak
QRRoundRect v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 3 Kb
   Rounded Rectangles in QuickReports.
Author: Richard Fellner
RegionPanel v.? (03.03.2002) - 2 Kb
   Allows you to create a truly irregular window. You define the polygon using the Vertices property (provide a list of comma separated points) and the control calls setWindowRgn.
RRSDateTime and RRSDBDateTime v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 10 Kb
   RRSDateTime wraps DateTimePicker. Allows for custom format strings using DateFormat, ShortDateFormat, ShortTimeFormat, and TimeFormat
properties. Also data-aware RRSDBDateTime.
Author: Ross Smith
ScreenDocker v.1.00 (03.03.2002) - 4 Kb
   It is an invisible VC component that enables the owner form to dock to the edges of the screen.
Author: Tan Tze Yong
SplashMP v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 51 Kb
   A splash screen component.
Author: Marko Peric
TabSet95 v.2.3 (03.03.2002) - 12 Kb
   Enhaced TabSet & TabbedNotebook like Win95, but you can place them to
Top, Left, Right or Bottom. Now Multi-Line is allowed.
Author: Bourmad Mehdi
TblShape v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 6 Kb
   Draw shape kind of table with sizeable rows & cols.
Author: Dmitry H. Bubniewski
Text Console v.? (03.03.2002) - 140 Kb
   Implements a WinCRT-like control for routing text file I/O (readlns and writelns) to a scrollable window.

Author: Danny Thorpe
Transform v.? (03.03.2002) - 103 Kb
   Transparent Form.
Author: Omega
TransPan v.? (03.03.2002) - 27 Kb
   TTransPan (Transformer Panel) is a descendant from TCustomPanel. It can be use in all programs instead of standard TPanel. Except this it has property State, changing which panel possible to transform in the classical game - Tetris or scramble.
Author: Alexander Gogava
Transparent Windows v.1.0 (03.03.2002) - 1 Kb
   This component should capsule the new Windows 2000 API calls for Alpha Blending (transparency).
Author: Michael Glitzner
TrianglePanel v.? (03.03.2002) - 2 Kb
   A triangular panel control.
WavePanel v.? (03.03.2002) - 29 Kb
   The component with running colors, like panel at the bottom of the screen when Windows 9x loading.
Author: Sergey Zimin
Wizard v.? (03.03.2002) - 9 Kb
   This component lets you implement your own wizard-like user interfaces.
Author: ztn
XSoft Tools v.0.1 (03.03.2002) - 175 Kb
   Some extended bevels (gradient fill, textures, etc.)
Author: Erick I. Jimenez Alvarado
YearPlanner v.2.21 (03.03.2002) - 59 Kb
   Year planner.
Author: Jonathan Hosking

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